Zimfest 2019 Archive

African Marketplace

Come visit the Zimfest 2019 Marketplace and explore the wonderful assortment of African art, clothing, crafts, musical instruments, CDs, and DVDs that are available for purchase. Relax on the broad grassy lawn and enjoy the music from the afternoon concert stage as you shop for special treasures. The Marketplace also provides an opportunity to learn about and support nonprofit organizations that are working with the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Your purchases from these nonprofits will benefit many lives in Southern Africa.

Marketplace Hours
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday, August 9
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, August 10
Noon – 5:00 PM Sunday, August 11

The Marketplace and afternoon stage will be located in “The Grove,” an open area with trees around the periphery (see photo below). The Grove is convenient to the Werner University Center (site of Zimfest Registration) and links the WOU campus residential and academic areas. Free parking for Zimfest attendees will be available in Parking Lot F just south of the Grove. 2019 Onsite Marketplace Coordinators are Jan and Helen Six.

2018 Marketplace – photo by Rob Saecker

Zimfest 2019 Marketplace Vendors

Ancient Ways

Nhimbe for Progress is a community development project started in 1999 and based in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. We have hand-crafts from our Nhimbe villages and other items from Zimbabwe and Africa. Check out our exquisite sculpture and other stones, embroidery and textiles, and tee-shirts, CDs and hosho. Learn about our Mhandara Monthly Care program for maturing girls, our preschool (started in 2002), and our WATER! well building program. Also learn more about our local Albany, Oregon Zimbabwean music program, where we offer weekly classes. Info: www.ancient-ways.org


Gourd dezes (mbira resonators). Info: http://home.teleport.com/~marimba/fredtron.htm

Karen Schraven

Several Zimbabwean-made mbiras, fabric, art, sculpture, clothing and souvenirs from my trip to Zimbabwe in 2006-7. All items from Zimbabwe. Info:

Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center

Kutsinhira is a nonprofit community center dedicated to the music and people of Zimbabwe. We sell Zimbabwean music CDs, Kutsinhira tee shirts and hoodies, and lightly-used African clothing. This year we will also highlight our Zimbabwean Community Development Program and the current projects we are funding.  Info: www.kutsinhira.org

LightSpeed Mallets

We sell lightweight high performance mallets for Zimbabwean and other African marimbas. This is a modern marimba mallet designed for serious players. These mallets:

  • Increase endurance
  • Reduce the possibility of overuse injuries
  • Are up to 30% lighter than conventional wooden-handled mallets
  • Have heads handcrafted from durable heat and pressure-cured urethane rubber
  • Have lightweight handles made from carbon fiber rods with comfortable cork wrapping.


Los Angeles Marimba Institute

The Marimba Institute shares the music of the marimba from the regions around the world that express their culture using the marimba. Our builders learn traditional designs as well as update and design custom marimbas for you at our workshop. With the mission of learning about and spreading the Joy of marimba of all styles, from the modern classical instrument to all its forms ancient and modern around the world from Central America to Africa, we will continue to build instruments, share information, and release music. Info: http://www.marimbainstitute.com


We provide the most complete line of mallets for players of Zimbabwean-style marimbas, as well as hosho and the versatile, economical Mini Soprano marimba. Info: www.marimbaworks.com

Quilt for Africa

The Quilt for Africa project raises money to support education and sustainability projects in Zimbabwe by donating proceeds to six organizations: Zimfest, Tariro, Ancient Ways, PMSCA, Days for Girls and UNICEF. We raise funds through selling raffle tickets. The 2019 project will raffle a beautiful quilt, djembe, ukulele and possibly a hand-made gourd banjo (if it is finished in time). Info: www.quilt4africa.com

Sandals On My Feet

Selling fabrics, musical instruments, clothes, sandals, jewelry, wall hangers, bed covers, hats, sarongs, baskets, statues. Info:


Zimbowties is a social enterprise that wants to start conversations about creativity and inspiration. We create beautiful, one-of-a-kind bow ties and other fashion accessories from repurposed fabric offcuts in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Our handmade products are now worn in over 25 countries around the world, and each item we sell pays for one week of school fees for the talented kids who are awarded our creativity scholarships in Zimbabwe. Visit our stall if you get a chance, we’d love to start a conversation with you. Website https://zimbowties.com Info:

Zimfest Booth

The Zimfest Booth is the place to buy 2019 tee shirts and posters. Tee shirts, posters and visors from previous festivals will be on sale as long as they last! This year’s Booth Manager is Lynn Wyckoff of Brier, WA.  Info: