Zimfest 2019 Archive

Thank You Zimfest 2019 Organizers

Zimfest continues to depend on a large group of committed volunteers making small and large contributions throughout the year and on site to make the festival happen. We wish to thank the following people for their time and energy; notice that many of these hard-working people took two or more jobs to make the 2019 festival great.

Core Contributors (OC and Tech Team)

Claire Jones Zimfest Coordinator; Tech Team
Nora Holmquist Tech Chair; Workshops/Teachers Coordinator
Larry Israel Webmaster; Tech Team
Mandy Walker-LaFollette Registration Lead
Jim Levine Performer Liaison; Day Stage Manager
Heron Stombock, Evelyn Keller Volunteer Coordinators
Michael Beardsworth Concert Production
Mark Keller Zimbabwean Guest Coordinator
The Zimfest 2019 Organizing Committee

The Zimfest 2019 Organizing Committee
Top row (left to right): Heron Stombock/Volunteer Co-coordinator; Evelyn Keller/Volunteer Co-coordinator; Mark Keller/Zimbabwean Guest Coordinator; Michael Beardsworth/Concert Production.
Bottom row: Jim Levine/Performer Liaison and Day Stage Manager; Nora Holmquist/Teachers and Workshops Coordinator and Tech Chair; Claire Jones/Festival Coordinator; Mandy Walker-LaFollette/Registration Lead.

Support Team

Rachel Edson Artwork and Festival Guide Layout
Chris Halaska Festival Accounting; Evening Stage
Betty Weiss Festival Guide Editor
Elisha Bobrosky Green Room Queen
Craig LaFollette Instrument Provision
Paul Hayes, Margie Smith Marimba Providers
Jory Christenson, Caleb Donahue Marimba Wranglers
Diana Chamrad, Jan and Helen Six Marketplace Coordinators
Anesu Ndoro Onsite Registration Co-Lead
Rob Saecker Photography
Lisa Nicholson Tee shirts ordering
Jake Roberts, Janis Weeks Tech Team members
Cecily Crout, Matty McAllister Tech Team (cont.) and Support
Julie Ishihara Workshop Support
Lynn Wyckoff Zimfest Booth Manager

Tatenda! Siyabonga!

So many more individuals and teams have contributed to the festival that it is impossible to name them all. Our Jam Facilitators, Green Room volunteers and Late Night Party hosts contribute to a warm and inclusive atmosphere for informal jammers and party-goers: Jeff Brahe, Maggie Donahue, Parker Ediger, Kate Leverett, Daniel Lockley, Eric Miller, Petra Siemion, Lynne Swift and Kate Treat. Further help providing marimbas and support for workshops: Gary Spalter, Jaiaen Beck, Lucas Earl, Peter Hayes, MyLinda King and Aimée Nassoiy. Thanks also go to proofreaders Amber Carlson, Marianne Decher and Ben Maggio, as well as to Angela Marie and the decorators! Thank you to all of the on-site volunteers who we are unable to name here! Tatenda, Seattle-area registration packet-partiers! Gracias, Oregon poster and postcard distributors! And bless you to our marimba movers and loaders!

If you are interested in being involved in organizing or running Zimfest, contact or the Zimfest Association Board at .