Zimfest 2023 Archive

Zimfest 2023 Thank Yous

Oregon State University Acknowledgements

The Zimfest Association is grateful to the OSU School of Visual, Performing and Design Arts (SVPDA), whose agreement to sponsor the Zimfest 2023 enabled us to bring a number of Zimbabweans on B1 visas and pay them teaching and performing honoraria. Special thanks to SVPDA profs Steven Zielke and Peter Swendsen who made the sponsorship happen and cleared the way for Zimfest to use classrooms in the Music Building, Community Hall. We also wish to thank the OSU Africa Initiative and University of Oregon African Studies groups for their moral support. None of it would have happened without the assistance (and obstacle-clearing) of OSU Events Coordinator Shelly Signs at every step of the way. Thank you, Shelly!

Core Contributors – OC and Others

Claire Jones Festival Coordinator
Nora Holmquist Workshops/Teacher Coordinator
Mandy Walker-LaFollette Registration Lead
Jim Levine, Parker Ediger Concerts Team
Evelyn Keller, Lynn Wyckoff Volunteer Coordinators
Mark Keller Zimbabwean Guests Coordinator
Lisa Carlson Marketplace Coordinator
Chris Halaska Concert Producer
Mark Swift Assistant Teachers and Workshops Coordinator
Larry Israel Webmaster; Tech Team member
The Zimfest 2023 Organizing Committee

The Zimfest 2023 Organizing Committee
Top row (left to right): Nora Holmquist, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Claire Jones, Lynn Wyckoff
Middle row: Mark Swift, Jim Levine, Evelyn Keller, Mark Keller, Lisa Carlson
Bottom row: Parker Ediger, Kyra Skaggs

Support Team and Onsite Volunteers

Jake Roberts Registration Asst.; Tech Team Chair
Gary Spalter Financial Manager
Lisa Nicholson Tee Shirt Orderer
MyLinda King, Erin Ely Zim Guest Hosting
Gretel Baumgartner Local Arrangements
Penny Martindale Graphics
Felix Halaska Concert Assistant
Elisha Bobrosky Green Room Queen
Marilyn Mohr Hospitality (Claire’s Cafe)
Kyra Skaggs Zimfest Booth Manager
Craig LaFollette Provision of mallets and hosho
Lucas Earl Marimba Wrangler; Super Volunteer
Rob Saecker Photography
Blessing Bled Chimanga Videography

Tatenda! Siyabonga! Remote helpers included proofreaders Betty Weiss; Wanda Walker and Petra Siemion; Jaiaen Beck/layout editor and Amber Carlson/publicity and PR. Our Jam Facilitators and Green Room volunteers contributed to a warm and inclusive atmosphere: Daniel Lockley, Napoleon Jambwa, Lucas Earl, Eli Calalang-LaCroix, Dara and V Robson. Denis Stillwagon provided signage expertise just when it was needed! Other super volunteers were Adrienne Stewart and Rachel Hanson. Gracias to marimba and drum providers Dana Moffett, Paul and Peter Hayes, Margie Smith, Jaiaen Beck, Tim Blok and big big thanks to Heather Ward and Musha Marimba for use of their instruments! Many others, too numerous to name, pitched in onsite to help the festival run smoothly. We thank them all! If you are interested in being involved in organizing or running Zimfest, contact or the Zimfest Association Board at .