Zimfest 2021 Archive

Festival Costs


Registration Fee $0 per person The registration fee is waived for Zimfest 2021. Instead, we encourage you to take out or renew your Zimfest membership to support the Association and help defray expenses.

Live Participatory Workshops

All Live Participatory Workshops or Presentations which involve real-time interaction between the teacher/presenter and students will be hosted on Zoom with registration required. Durations of 60 or 90 minutes.

All Participatory Workshops $15.00 per hour requested donation

Performances and Non-interactive Presentations

All single performances, mini-concerts and non-participatory presentations will be clustered in groups throughout the weekend. Donations will be requested for each cluster of events at a rate equivalent to that of the evening concerts at Zimfest, $15 for three hours of music and excitement!

All Performances and
$15.00 for three hours
requested donation