Zimfest 2016 Archive

What’s New This Year

Volunteer Urgent Needs Board and Drop-in Opportunities

We encourage all Zimfest participants to sign up for volunteer shifts before the festival. But unexpected or urgent needs are certain to arise during the festival. Volunteer Coordinator Carla Starck will set up an Urgent Needs Board in the registration area with post-it notes advertising the most urgent and timely volunteer tasks. Check the board for tasks you can carry out, unstick the post-it note with your task and take it to the Volunteer desk to let them know you’re ready to help! You may offer your assistance at any time registration is open. Being available to help when help is needed is rewarding and fun! Learn more about Drop-in and On-call opportunities on the Volunteer page.

Festival Highlight Shows Aug 14: Join Your Teachers Onstage

The Zimfest 2015 Sunday evening concert opened with a Festival Highlights show in which students from several workshops joined their teachers onstage in an exuberant demonstration of what they had learned. We received so many positive comments on this show that we are repeating it for Zimfest 2016, providing attendees opportunities during both the Sunday afternoon and evening concerts to share their festival experiences. Our Zimfest staff have chosen workshops that we think will work well as showcases. We are encouraging attendees to sign up for the workshops listed below and, if you are available, to show up 15 minutes before the listed performance time. (But don’t worry, we’d love to have you take any of these workshops whether or not you perform!) We are especially excited about the Sunday evening MhandeFest, bringing together three different teachers and their students to celebrate mhande drumming, singing and dancing. Originally from the Midlands province, mhande is drummed, danced and sung to pray for rain and bless the seeds before planting.

Sunday afternoon Festival Highlights 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.

  • Advanced Marimba: Peace for Africa with Simba Kamuriwo, Session 7
  • All Levels: Ndebele Mixed Voice Singing with Lucky, Moyo, Session 1

Sunday evening Highlights: MhandeFest 7:30 – 8:00 p. m.

  • All Levels: Mhande Dancing with Kanukai Chigamba, Session 5
  • All Levels: Mhande Singing with Moyo Mutamba, Session 6
  • All Levels: Mhande Drumming with Musekiwa Chingodza, Session 3

Encouraging Newcomers at Zimfest: Free Workshops and Concert in Monmouth

With the help of the Monmouth City Council, Zimfest is making a concerted effort to reach out to new people in 2016. Locals and visitors alike will be treated to a free concert by Boka Marimba on Wednesday August 10 as part of the Monmouth Music in the Parks series.

Also, Zimfest will be offering two *free* introductory afternoon workshops, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Listen for announcements from the afternoon stage and look for signs in the registration area; sign up at the registration desk!

Family Discount on Housing

Zimfest recognizes that it can be a financial hardship for families to bring their children to the festival. To make Zimfest more truly family-friendly, we have introduced a discount on housing for families with two or more children below the age of 12. See the On-Campus Housing page for more information.

Housing Changes and Reminders

  • Tent and RV Camping are available on the WOU campus again this year for the low price of only $10 per night per tent or RV. Pre-register and pay online to secure one of the limited spaces within walking distance of The Grove and Zimfest Marketplace. For more information, go to the On-Campus Housing page.
  • Housing will be purchased by the room this year, not by the individual. This means that a single person who signs up for a double room will be charged the total two-person cost for however many nights the room will be occupied.
  • No On-Campus Housing will be Available at the festival.

    You must sign up and pay for your housing ahead of time through online registration, as there will be no WOU rooms available to rent onsite.