Zimfest 2016 Archive

African Marketplace

Come visit the Zimfest 2016 Marketplace and explore the wonderful assortment of African art, clothing, crafts, musical instruments, CDs, and DVDs that are available for purchase. Relax on the broad grassy lawn and enjoy the music from the afternoon concert stage as you shop for special treasures. The Marketplace also provides an opportunity to learn about and support nonprofit organizations that are working with the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Your purchases from these nonprofits will benefit many lives in Southern Africa.

Marketplace Hours
10 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Friday, August 12
10 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Saturday, August 13
Noon — 5:30 p.m. Sunday, August 14

The Marketplace and afternoon stage will be located in “The Grove,” an open area with trees around the periphery (see photo below). The Grove is convenient to the Werner University Center (site of Zimfest Registration) and links the WOU campus residential and academic areas. Free parking for Zimfest attendees will be available in Parking Lot F just south of the Grove.

Zimfest 2016 Marketplace Vendors

Julia Chigamba

Selling imports from Zimbabwe: clothing, mbira CDs, etc.

Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center

Kutsinhira is a non-profit community center dedicated to the music and people of Zimbabwe. We sell music CDs of Zimbabwean music and musicians, tee shirts, and African clothing.
Info: www.kutsinhira.org


We will be selling arrangements of popular music for diatonic marimba bands (or solo marimba) as well as our new diatonic/chromatic Mini Marimba. All MarimbaLab™ sheet music has been arranged with permission from the copyright holders, and proper royalties have been paid to artists.
Info: www.michaelcharlessmith.com/marimbalab


Craig LaFollette will sell marimba mallets, marimbas and hosho that he has been creating for the Zimbabwean music community since 1999.
Info: www.marimbaworks.com.


MBIRA is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the ancient musical traditions of Zimbabwe. MBIRA supports Zimbabwean musicians and instrument makers and their families through worldwide Zimbabwean music education, recordings and performances. During the past 18 years these activities have resulted in $991,000 being paid to Zimbabwean musicians and instrument makers! MBIRA will be selling mbiras, dezes, hosho, magavhu (leg rattles), DVDs of marimba lessons, CDs (bring a memory stick if you prefer mp3s), thumb picks, Zimbabwean copper/brass bangles, books, t-shirts and more.
Info: www.mbira.org

MyLinda King Hosho

MyLinda will be selling homegrown and handcrafted hosho and marimba mallets, as well as CDs and DVDs.

Savannah Gifts

We specialize in East African wares: Kenyan jewelry, dashiki, incense, sandals and clothes from East Africa.


Zimbabwe soapstone sculptures, handmade shoes, handmade dresses, shirts, handbags, Tonga stools, carvings and textiles.


Thembanathi is a grassroots fundraising organization dedicated to providing support to community-based organizations in South Africa offering education, support and care for young people and their families. We sell beaded jewelry and animals, embroidered cards and wire baskets, all handmade by Zulu artisans in income-generation projects.
Info: thembanathi.org

Yadi Designs

We offer mbira bags incorporating stitchery from South Africa and African fabrics in collaboration with Thembanathi (50% of our proceeds will go to support Thembanathi) as well as African-styled jewelry incorporating African beads, hosho and mbira.

Zion Marimba

Zion Marimba carries a full line of marimbas, from mini to bass, and will have several instruments on display. We also enjoy talking with those who want to save money and build their own.
Info: www.zionmarimba.com

The Grove at WOU

The Grove at WOU