Zimfest Association Festival Policies

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The ZA Board and Zimfest do not condone the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs when it is in violation of University policy, or local, state or federal laws. If drinking is allowed by University policy in the Green Room or at the late night Mbira Gatherings, it is up to the Organizing Committee to ensure that volunteer hosts know they should ensure that only those who are of legal drinking age are drinking.

Performer Concert Ticket Policy

Members of any group that is scheduled to perform at a ticketed evening concert at Zimfest will receive free admission to the concert on the night of his or her performance. Afternoon performers will receive a free ticket to the evening concert of their choice.

Performing groups at Zimfest will submit a list of group-members as part of their application process, and inform Zimfest of any subsequent changes to those lists. Before the festival, Zimfest will confirm the group-member lists with each performing group. Performers eligible for free tickets should indicate this when registering online.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Goal of Festival Organizers: To create a workshop schedule that provides a balance of skill levels, instruments and number of workshops so that festival attendees have a wide choice of workshops and workshop cancellations are minimized.

  1. Minimum enrollment for all workshops (except marimba) is 2 students.
  2. Minimum enrollment for marimba workshops is 3 students.
  3. Two weeks before the festival, all workshops with less than minimum enrollment will be canceled. When workshops are cancelled with only one student enrolled, festival organizers will put the student in touch with the teacher to arrange a private lesson at Zimfest, if desired (not applicable for marimba workshops).
  4. Payment to teachers for workshops with less than 5 students will be on a sliding scale. See the Teacher Contract for details about payments.
  5. From the date that online pre-registration starts until 2 weeks before the festival, students may register for any open workshops, drop workshops or transfer to other workshops.
  6. From 2 weeks before the festival up to and during the festival, students are not allowed to drop or transfer to another workshop unless the workshop they are enrolled in has been significantly changed by the festival organizers (different teacher, for example).
  7. For any workshop that the festival organizers cancel or significantly change, credit will be given to the students enrolled in that workshop and that credit may be used to take other workshops at the festival. If the credit has not been used by the end of the festival, those students may apply for a refund by filling out the Refund Request Form.
  8. This policy will be available to teachers, students and the public on the Zimfest web site. The maximum/minimum enrollment for each workshop will also be shown in the online registration system.

Zimbabwean Meal Payment Policy

For Zimbabweans accepted to teach at least three workshops, meals and housing will be provided from Wednesday dinner through Monday breakfast as needed. The Organizing Committee has the discretion to extend this.

Zimbabweans Get Into Performances for Free Policy

All Zimbabweans get in to performances free (unless they choose to pay as a means of supporting Zimfest). It is important to have someone at the ticket table who is familiar with this policy and who can be supportive of Zimbabwean visitors.

Zimbabwean Guest Travel Policy

  1. Zimbabwean teachers who have been accepted to teach at least three workshops may request and receive reimbursement for travel to Zimfest site and back to their origin point within the US, or on to a third destination.
  2. The ZA Board will set a cap for the reimbursement amount each year. All travel, including airport shuttles, will be included within the cap amount for reimbursement.
  3. Optional, at the discretion of the current organizing committee/Zimbabwean Guest Coordinator: Zimbabwean teachers who will be traveling by air will send details of their departure point, when they expect to arrive at Zimfest, and when and where they need to return or be at their next destination to the Zim Guest coordinator, who will research the best air fares meeting their requirements. Reimbursement for air travel will be made on this basis.
  4. If the Zimbabwean teacher will be traveling from/to a point closer than 350 miles from the Zimfest site, s/he can be reimbursed for ground travel at the same rate that the US General Services Administration reimburses (see http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/100715 ). Air transportation will in general not be reimbursed for destinations within 350 miles. Organizing committee has the authority to make exceptions to this rule under special circumstances.
  5. If the Zimbabwean teacher is getting a ride with someone who is coming to the festival anyway, Zimfest would expect only to pay the Zimbabwean teacher’s share of the expense of the trip, and only if his/her driver is charging him/her for the ride. If the person driving the Zimbabwean teacher is not charging him/her for the ride, no reimbursement will be given.
  6. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. In the case of car travel, a written note or email showing mileage and if pertinent, amount to be paid to the driver, will be sufficient.