Teacher Application Information

Online Application Process Review

  1. Please read all of the information on this page before completing your application.
  2. Then submit a) a teacher application form and b) one workshop proposal for each workshop you would like to teach. Application deadline was February 28, 2018.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that your application and workshop proposals have been received.
  4. We will notify you by April with our decision about which applicants and workshops have been selected. A proposed teaching schedule will be sent to all selected teachers several weeks before online registration begins.

Teacher Selection

Zimfest strives to assemble a teaching staff of highly experienced teachers and accomplished musicians best suited to the needs of the festival. A successful teaching application will demonstrate both the applicant’s expertise in the proposed instrument or musical style, as well as a proven record of teaching excellence as shown in references and previous workshop evaluations.

Workshop Proposal Information

Zimfest 2018 hopes to provide a wide variety of workshops in marimba, mbira, hosho, drumming, singing, dancing, guitar, children’s song and games, language, cultural presentations and other topics. Most workshop sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, but you can offer workshops of shorter duration or workshops that take place over multiple sessions (called intensives – see Workshop Proposal form).

Types of Workshops

To help you plan your workshop proposals, please keep the following in mind:

  • We will try to offer at least one workshop per music category in each time slot.
  • Beginning, Novice and Intermediate level workshops are in the highest demand– especially in marimba and mbira. Based on previous enrollments and feedback, Advanced level marimba and Advanced level mbira workshops are not as popular.
  • Please submit no more than two workshops for any lesser-known instrument (matepe, chipendani, for example); at least one should be at the Beginning level. The festival is unable to provide these instruments, so please bring enough for your class.

Student Skill Levels for Marimba, Mbira, Guitar, Drumming

Please use the following guidelines to identify the skill level appropriate to each workshop.


Students who have never touched the instrument to those with less than a year experience.

Novice (formerly Advanced Beginning)

Students who have played the instrument for at least one year. This includes marimba students who can play a part on at least five songs and mbira students who can play at least two songs.


Students who have played the instrument for at least three years. This includes marimba students who have a basic understanding of African rhythms, can catch musical cues, and learn parts fairly easily. For mbira, students who know at least five songs and can play in the kushaura and kutsinhira positions.


Those students who meet the intermediate criteria PLUS learn parts very quickly, have a strong sense of rhythm, and can play fast.

Please Note: If you are proposing marimba workshops at the Beginning level, please include in your workshop description whether the workshop is restricted to true beginners, or whether the workshop will be open to students above beginning level (for example, teachers).

What Zimfest Can Offer Teachers

  1. $30-70 US per workshop hour depending on workshop enrollment
  2. For marimba workshops, Zimfest will provide a standard set of 7 marimbas (3 soprano, 2 tenor, 1 baritone, 1 bass) plus one extra soprano or tenor with mallets and hosho. Most marimba sets will have F#s.
  3. Zimfest will have only a limited number of instruments for mbira, hosho, and drumming workshops.
  4. Exposure to a large number of Zimbabwean music players and fans, with a contact listing on the festival website as well as the festival guide.

Requirements for Zimfest Teachers and Workshops

All teachers must:

  1. Sign a teacher contract and leadership agreement. Copies of the Workshop Cancellation Policy and Teacher Contract will be e-mailed to all selected teachers in April 2018.
  2. Attend a teacher orientation meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2018 (time, location TBD)

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or experienced problems submitting the application, please write gro.t1521456656sefmi1521456656z@sre1521456656hcaet1521456656.

Visa Information

Zimfest welcomes Zimbabweans and other individuals who are not US citizens to teach and perform, but under US visa regulations, all non-US citizens will require a working visa to teach and perform at the festival. Be advised that Zimfest does not sponsor visas. To obtain a US visa (visa type P, O, Q, and a few others), a US citizen, agent or nonprofit organization must apply for these visas on your behalf. You cannot apply for these visas yourself. For additional information, visit the Applicant Information page. If you have questions, please contact the Zimfest Guest Coordinator at gro.t1521456656sefmi1521456656z@sts1521456656eugmi1521456656z1521456656.