Performer Application Information

Applications to perform at Zimfest 2020 are closed. The deadline was February 29.

Online Application Process Review

  1. If you would like to perform at Zimfest 2020, please read this information before completing your application.
  2. Then complete and submit your performer application. Any applications accepted after February 29, 2020 will either be wait-listed or denied outright.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.
  4. We will notify you in April with our decision about which applicants will be invited to perform. Proposed performance times will be sent to all selected performers before online registration opens.

Zimfest pays performers at the ticketed evening concerts a modest fee. In addition, all performers in bands accepted by Zimfest are eligible to claim free admission to one evening (ticketed) concert. Performers accepted for the evening stage may enter that night’s concert for free, and performers on the outdoor (non-ticketed) stage may choose which evening concert for which they would like free admission. Contact people for bands should ensure their band roster is up to date before the festival to ensure complementary admission for performers. Zimfest is grateful to all performers who opt to donate the cost of concert tickets rather than claim free admission.

Travel reimbursements—if any—will be limited. If possible, we will provide a small travel stipend to bands traveling within the US. Any travel stipends will be announced within 30 days of the end of the festival but should not be budgeted for.

Please Note: Non-US citizens traveling on a B-1 visa cannot be paid for performances, nor can they appear in any concert for which admission is charged.

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or experienced problems submitting the application, please write .

Visa Information

Zimfest welcomes Zimbabweans and other individuals who are not US citizens to teach and perform, but under US visa regulations, all non-US citizens will require a working visa to teach and perform at the festival. Be advised that Zimfest does not sponsor visas. To obtain a US visa (visa type P, O, Q, and a few others), a US citizen, agent or nonprofit organization must apply for these visas on your behalf. You cannot apply for these visas yourself. You may apply on your own behalf for the B-1 Visitor visa, but this category does not allow you to perform in paid concerts. For additional information, visit the Applicant Information page. If you have questions, please contact the Zimfest Guest Coordinator at .