Workshop Evaluation Assistant

Date: August 3, 2023

Thursday shift: Consult with Festival Coordinator to prepare evaluation packets and distribute to the classrooms which will be open for set-up.
Friday morning shift: Distribute prepared evaluation packets to the remaining classrooms that were not open on Thursday.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon shifts: Collect completed evaluations each day after last session, and compile as instructed. Must be able to walk around the site. Tasks are very time specific, immediately after workshops while buildings are still unlocked. Shifts are short! Please consider enrolling in both evening shifts! Report to the Festival Coordinator in Registration area for instructions; completed and compiled sheets go into box in Registration area.

Day, Start and End TimesName
Day, Start and End TimesName
Day 1 Thursday 13:00-15:00#1: madeline frieser
#2: Mark Swift
Day 2 Friday 08:30-09:15#1: madeline frieser
Day 2 Friday 17:30-18:00#1: madeline frieser
Day 3 Saturday 17:30-18:00#1: madeline frieser
Day 4 Sunday 15:00-15:30#1: madeline frieser
Day 4 Sunday 17:30-18:00#1: madeline frieser
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