Evening Stagehand

Date: August 3, 2023

Move instruments to the back of the stage before the evening concert. Also move instruments between sets during the evening concert, and move instruments back to vehicles, classrooms or backstage as directed after the concert is over. Report to the Concert Production Manager.

Day, Start and End TimesName
Day, Start and End TimesName
Day 2 Friday 17:00-18:30#1: Karen Schraven
Day 2 Friday 22:45-23:30#1: Jesse Garcia
Day 3 Saturday 17:00-18:30#1: Karen Schraven
Day 3 Satuday 22:45-23:30#1: Jesse Garcia
Day 4 Sunday 17:00-18:30#1: Verlene Macqueen
Day 4 Sunday 22:45-23:30#1: Karen Schraven
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