Evening Concert Door and Ticket Sales

Date: August 3, 2023

Collect all tickets from people going into the evening concerts, and collect donations for tickets to those who do not have them. An accounting sheet must be kept showing all tickets sold. Money will be kept in the cash box and secured at all times. Payment via debit/credit card will also be offered. Check rosters of performers for free entry and return rosters to Concert Coordinator. Report to the House Manager at the entrance to the audience area. All merchandise sales are the responsibility of performers, not Zimfest staff.

Day, Start and End TimesName
Day, Start and End TimesName
Day 2 Friday 18:45-20:15#1: Jack Peterson
#2: Gail Yamada
Day 2 Friday 20:15-21:45#1: Lisa Nicholson
#2: Karen Weisser
Day 3 Saturday 18:45-20:15#1: Kourtney Kiley
#2: Jack Peterson
Day 3 Saturday 20:15-21:45#1: Kandace Beavers
#2: Sarah Allan
Day 4 Sunday 18:45-20:15#1: Jamie Fenston
#2: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Day 4 Sunday 20:15-21:45#1: Aracely Rothstein
#2: Fannie Dulaney
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