Zimfest Membership System User Guide

Go to the Zimfest Association Membership Form (in RegFox). It is the starting point for membership and looks like this:

Membership Form - starting point

Purchase a New Membership

Select “Purchase a New Membership,” then select yearly or lifetime membership:

Purchase a new membership

Here is the list of the yearly membership levels:

Membership yearly options

Auto-Renew Option

When you select a membership level, there is an option to auto-renew, which defaults to “yes.” Uncheck the auto-renew box if you do not wish to auto-renew. The renewal date will be 1 year after the purchase date. (In the example below, a membership was purchased on October 28, 2021.)

Membership yearly auto-renew

Additional Names

When a Couple, Family, or Lifetime Family membership is selected, the name(s) of the additional member(s) is requested:

Additional names for couple or family membership

Lifetime Membership

Here is the list of the lifetime membership options:

Lifetime membership options

Once the lifetime membership type is selected, you will be prompted to create the free auto-renew record:

Lifetime membership auto-renew

Verify Membership Status

Go to the Membership Form, then select “Verify a Membership Status.” Enter your membership number, or click “I Forgot My Number” and enter your email address.

Verify membership

The verification screen looks like this, with your member number and annual expiration date (or auto-renewal date, if auto-renewal is active for your membership):

Membership verification report

When you click “I Forgot My Number” and enter your email address, if the email address is not associated with a membership, a message appears “That email is not on file – please try again”:

Membership lookup error

Manually Renew Membership

Go to the Membership Form, select “Renew or Change a Membership,” then follow the instructions to log into the Zimfest Registration & Membership Manager. (Or click this link to go there directly, then log in.)

Renew or change a membership

Once you’re logged into Zimfest Registration & Membership Manager, click “Memberships” in the green toolbar.

From the Memberships area of the Registration & Membership Manager, you can:

  • Renew an expiring or expired membership
  • Pay for a membership in advance
  • Change auto-renewal status (turn auto-renew on or off)

Membership Manager with record details

Yearly membership purchased without auto-renew:

Membership purchased without auto-renew

Yearly membership purchased with auto-renew:

Membership purchased with auto-renew

Lifetime membership (Individual or Family) always auto-renews for free:

Lifetime membership detail

Auto-Renew Membership

There are several ways to enable or disable auto-renew:

Change Membership

To edit information about your membership — such as the additional members, to add comments, change email address, or correct spelling errors:

  1. Log into Zimfest Registration & Membership Manager
    (If you need additional instructions on how to log in, go to the Membership Form, then select “Renew or Change a Membership”)
  2. Click “Registrations” in the green toolbar (not “Memberships”)
  3. In the list of registrations (below “Name”), find and click the “Membership” link
  4. Click the “Edit” button, then make your desired changes

Here is an example of the Registrations area:

Registation Manager showing registration list

Contact Us

If you have questions about membership or problems signing up, you can contact us via email at .