Zimfest Association Board Recruitment

Hello Everyone,

Zimfest Association, the umbrella organization under which the annual Zimbabwean Music Festival is held, is currently seeking new board members. The Zimfest Association Board of Directors is responsible for creating and implementing the strategic goals of the organization.

Interested parties who meet at least some of the criteria listed below are encouraged to email us at board [at] zimfest {dot} org, and please describe your qualifications. Thank you for your interest in joining the Zimfest Association board.


The selected new board members will work with current board members to achieve the organization’s mission and goals, supporting and growing the vibrant community of Zimbabwean music enthusiasts throughout North America by cooperating with festival organizing committees and partnering with other nonprofit organizations.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication and leadership
  • Ability to work and discuss issues cooperatively with others
  • Ability to meet via Google Hangouts or Skype (Internet conference call) once a month for two hours
  • Additional time and energy to devote to working on board issues and tasks, both independently and collaboratively

Desirable Attributes

  • Personal history (involvement) with Zimbabwean music, with the community of Zim-music players, and with the Zimbabwean Music Festival.
  • Results-orientation and positive outlook.
  • Demonstrated success at working effectively in a team environment and in collaborating with other organizational functions. Ability to work with and influence in an articulate and positive manner all constituencies including the board, festival organizing committees, festival participants, and volunteers.
  • Proven track record of successful collaboration with community leaders in the nonprofit, cultural, governmental, or arts and entertainment sectors.
  • Ability to set clear goals aligned with understandable direction.
  • Outstanding judgment and decision-making ability and experience.
  • Good people judgment and the ability to attract, lead, motivate and retain motivated and talented volunteers in a cooperative effort towards a common goal. This individual sets an energetic example, is hands on, and has natural leadership and charisma and is able to communicate a compelling vision.
  • Proven ability to build a strong arts organization recognized for its accomplishments.


In addition to the above, we are also seeking board members with the following specific skills:

  • Accounting or bookkeeping experience
  • Grant writing and other fund-raising experience
  • Previous nonprofit management
  • Legal expertise pertaining to nonprofits or immigration (such as visas for visiting artists)

About Zimfest Association

Please be sure to read the Zimfest Association web page.