Pre-Recorded Sessions: Application Info

Zimfest 2022 applications are closed. The deadline was February 28.

Online Application Process

  1. If you would like to apply to submit a performance or presentation video for Zimfest 2022, please read the information below before completing your application.
  2. Then complete and submit your application (see button at bottom of page). Do not attempt to submit videos until your application has been accepted.
  3. Any applications submitted after February 28, 2022 will be denied.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.
  5. We will notify you by late March with our decision about which applicants have been accepted. 

Virtual Performer and Presenter Selection

Each year Zimfest strives to assemble a lineup of accomplished musicians and experienced teachers and presenters suited to the needs of the festival. As we do not anticipate that we will be able host many Zimbabweans coming from abroad at the 2022 festival, they will be given precedence in the pre-recorded sessions category.

Types of Pre-recorded Performances and Presentations – 5-30 minutes

A limited selection of performances and presentations from individuals or groups will be presented in streaming format during the ticketed evening concerts  at Zimfest 2022, in alternation with live performances. Those not accepted for the hybrid show may be hosted in the future on YouTube and/or Facebook. We welcome a wide range, from solo and ensemble performances to pre-recorded presentations such as lectures or Zimbabwean stories. Plan on durations of five to thirty minutes in five-minute increments.

What Zimfest Can Offer Performers and Presenters

  1. Zimbabwean performers and presenters will be reimbursed a reasonable amount for data, production and other expenses according to the length of the performance; specific amounts will be provided to successful applicants. Payment to individuals and groups will be equivalent to compensation for evening concert performers at live Zimfests ($50 each to a maximum of $150 for bands, prorated according to duration of performance).
  2. Non-Zimbabwean performers and presenters accepted to submit recorded performances or presentations will be compensated at the evening concert rate. Applicants may request reimbursement for up to half their net expenses following Zimfest.

Teachers, performers and presenters are subject to the same rules and regulations as all Zimfest participants. This includes compliance with the Zimfest Code of Conduct.

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or experienced problems submitting the application, please write .