Application Information for Teachers, Performers and Presenters

Applications to teach, present or perform at Zimfest 2021 are now closed. The deadline was June 30th.

Online Application Process

  1. If you would like to: teach a live workshop; apply to submit a performance or presentation video; or livestream a performance at Zimfest 2021, please read the information below before completing your application.
  2. Then complete and submit your application (see button at bottom of page). Do not attempt to submit videos until your application has been accepted.
  3. Any applications submitted after June 30, 2021 will be denied.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.
  5. We will notify you by July 10 with our decision about which applicants have been accepted. Proposed live workshop times will be sent to all selected instructors before online registration for Workshops on Zoom opens.

Vendors: See Vendor Information

Teacher and Presenter Selection

Each year Zimfest strives to assemble a lineup of experienced teachers and accomplished musicians suited to the needs of the festival. As 2021 organizers are assuming that most applicants will have applied to or attended Zimfest previously, we have not asked for references or audition materials this year. We may refer to applications and/or evaluations from prior years in order to make our selections.

Types of Workshops, Presentations and Performances

Live Participatory Workshops – Originating from N. America or Europe only: 30, 60, or 90 minutes

Any workshops that involve real-time interaction between a teacher or presenter and students will be hosted on Zoom and require students to register individually. Singing workshops can be held very successfully on Zoom (usually with student microphones on mute). We are aware of the difficulty of playing instrumental (marimba, mbira) music together in the online environment and invite teachers’ creativity in imparting musical ideas and songs. Workshops will not divided up into skill or experience levels, but teachers are invited to include suggested levels in their workshop descriptions.

Live participatory workshops may also include cultural or musicological presentations with teacher/student interaction, or guided discussions among participants. We welcome a range of culturally and politically relevant topics!

As African internet connections and electrical power may not be reliable enough for live interaction, we request that applicants in Africa send prerecorded presentations (below). Alternatively, co-teaching with one teacher live and the other providing recorded material proved successful in 2020, so we suggest that proposals may be based on this model.

Prerecorded Performances and Presentations – 5-30 minutes

Performances and presentations from individuals or groups will constitute the largest portion of the Zimfest 2021 program. We welcome a wide range, from solo and ensemble performances to pre-recorded presentations such as lectures or Zimbabwean stories. Accepted submissions will be stitched together into clusters to be hosted on YouTube and/or Facebook with interactive chat. Applicants may propose a group of performances, but each video file should be no longer than 30 min to allow the OC some flexibility in the stitching process. Plan on durations of five to thirty minutes in five-minute increments.

Livestreamed Performance – 60 minutes maximum

We welcome livestreamed performances in close coordination with the OC. They should include one or more songs from individuals or groups, no longer than 60 minutes total, to be hosted on Facebook Live or YouTube. This option should only be used by experienced hosts of livestreaming events. It would be wise to submit a prerecorded video as a backup.

What Zimfest Can Offer Teachers and Presenters

  1. Teachers of live participatory workshops will receive at least $30-70 US per workshop hour depending on workshop enrollment and donations received.
  2. Non-Zimbabwean performers and presenters submitting recorded performances or non-participatory presentations will not be compensated. Applicants submitting a group of performances and/or presentations may request reimbursement for up to half their net expenses following Zimfest.
  3. Zimbabwean performers and presenters will be reimbursed a reasonable amount for data, production and other expenses according to the length of the performance; specific amounts will be provided to successful applicants. Payment to individuals and groups will be equivalent to compensation for evening concert performers at live Zimfests ($50 each to a maximum of $150 for bands, prorated according to duration of performance).

Teachers, performers and presenters are subject to the same rules and regulations as all Zimfest participants. This includes compliance with the Zimfest Code of Conduct.


Applications to teach, present or perform at Zimfest 2021 are now closed. The deadline was June 30th.

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or experienced problems submitting the application, please write .