Senior Center Door Monitor

Date: June 24, 2022

One volunteer to be there at all times to monitor the door to make sure non-Zimfest people don’t come in unless they are attending another event at the Center.

Day, Start and End TimesName
Day, Start and End TimesName
Day 2 Saturday 09:30-12:00#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Day 2 Saturday 12:30-15:00#1: Nancy Steele
Day 2 Saturday 15:00-17:30#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Day 3 Sunday 09:30-12:00#1: John Moran
Day 3 Sunday 12:00-14:30#1: Kathy Cvitanich
Day 3 Sunday 14:30-16:00#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
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