ZA Grant and Donation Guidelines

February 1, 2009; revised October 9, 2011

The board of directors of Zimfest Association has revised the organization’s grants and donations policy to further align with the letter and spirit of Zimfest Association’s mission, goals, values, bylaws, and other governing documents. Below are the guidelines for grant and donation applications made by individuals or organizations seeking to partner with Zimfest Association in activities supported by Zimfest Association’s mission.

  1. All grants and donations must align with the mission, goals and values of Zimfest Association as outlined below.

    Zimfest Association’s mission is to support and grow the global community of people who love and participate in Zimbabwean music and arts through events, education, and resources.


    • To produce an annual festival.
    • To provide information and resources to individuals and organizations with a shared interest in Zimbabwean music and arts.
    • To provide a forum for ongoing, community-based dialogue.
    • To give back to Zimbabwean musicians and their communities.
    • To help facilitate the visits of Zimbabwean artists to North America.

    Values — We believe:

    • Music and dance build community through shared experience and expression.
    • Zimbabwean music brings together all ages to connect in a joyful and meaningful way.
    • Traditional Zimbabwean music is timeless and nurtures our spirits.
    • It is important to honor those teachers who planted the seeds of Zimbabwean music around the world.

    This is why we share the music.

  2. All grant applications are reviewed on a yearly basis, with a deadline of October 31st of any particular year for all grants to be disbursed in January or February of the following year.
  3. The amount disbursed for each grant shall typically be no more than USD $2,000, as ZA strives to spread donations widely.
  4. To maintain accountability between Zimfest Association and grant recipients, all grant applicants must clearly outline the needs, timeframe and proposed budget for their projects.
  5. Zimfest Association seeks to partner with individuals or organizations that further its goals. As such, Zimfest Association shall not be the sole funder of any project, and applicants shall be required to show proof of additional funding before receiving any approved grants.
  6. The maximum amount of any approved grant that can be used for the administrative purposes shall not exceed ten percent of the approved grant.
  7. Individuals or organizations receiving grants for visiting Zimbabwean artists shall be required to abide by the following additional guidelines:

    1. The grant application for funds to be used toward facilitating visits by Zimbabwean musicians must be accompanied by a full and complete visa application.
    2. Only visas permitting work in the United States (e.g. P or Q visas, etc.) will be considered as valid for a grant application.
    3. Funds shall be disbursed upon approval of the visa by US Immigration officials.